Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crossfit Toddlers

Every Sunday night when I sit down to type the blog, I find myself thinking the same thing: "What would be a good opening line"?  Sometimes I comment on the pace of the weekend, or on something monumental we experienced. This weekend, I realized the extent to which "toddler-dom" has set in, and I now fully understand that "babies" are not living in our house anymore.

This realization started on Saturday. Tony participated in a local Crossfit event honoring a fallen Marine at a local Crosffit gym. The kids and I loaded up and went to support Tony during his workout and cheer him on. Jack was quick to find Tony in the crowd and yell "Dada!" The kids sat in their stroller and watch Tony complete the workout, and then we took the kids into an adjacent room with vendor booths to let them run around and check the place out. Jack immediately got out of the stroller and started doing burpees (think push-up to a standing position with a jump at the end); he would do a burpee and then clap for himself- he was mimicking the workout he just saw Tony doing.

After burpees, Jack and Harper decided to check out the kettle bells and the barbells. They had more fun exploring the gym and pretending to lift weights than they did the rest of the day playing at home. They're so funny to watch and were quick to imitate things they saw- defiantly not babies anymore, especially our little big man who loved every minute of the gym experience.

The experience was bitter sweet for Tony and I because the event was held at the gym we were members of when we found out I was pregnant. In fact, here's the pregnancy announcement picture we took- as you can see, our math was a little off- haha!
Here's a shot of the kids playing and Tony watching on the same lifting platforms where we took our announcement pictures almost exactly two years ago, and a picture of Jack playing with the same kettle bell that was used to denote "number 3" in our announcement. We no longer belong to that gym, but it will always hold a place in our heart, and it will always be part of the story of Jack and Harper.
When we returned home from the Crossfit event, Tony hopped in the shower and I started working in the kitchen, preparing for Lindsay and Wes to come over for lunch. While I was emptying the dishwasher, I looked up and saw Harper sitting in her high chair. I stopped dead in my tracks and asked her, "how did you get up there?" She just smiled and I grabbed my camera. That little girl is our climber and now I'm starting to realize that we're going to have to "toddler proof" things that we never thought to "baby proof".

While I was snapping pictures of Harper, I heard a funny thunk noise and looked over to find this scene:
 Jack had climbed into the dishwasher and was saying "cup, cup" as he tried to pull a cup out of the top rack- I suppose he was thirsty.  I don't know how I'm ever going to get anything done again if I can't turn my back these two for a moment without them climbing on top of, or in to something. Oh dear!

Harper also had a fashion show at our house before we went to run errands and meet Tony for lunch on Friday. She showed off her cute dress that Great Granny got her; she was so excited to put it on and twirl and march around the house.
The final moment this weekend goes to a picture of these two sleeping little ones in their new car seats. I know that when you look at this, you might see two sleeping babies, but I look at this and I see two very active toddlers who have replaced my sleeping little babies- it's so fun to see how far they've come and to celebrate these moments.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Food, Friends, and Fun

Harper and Jack have had a full week so far and it's only Wednesday!  Here's a rundown of what we've been up to:

-The kids "re-tried" bananas for the first time in about 6 months. Durinda has been mushing up bananas and putting it in their oatmeal from time to time, but the kids would not eat bananas by themselves. I'm not sure what possessed me to buy some bananas this week, but here are the results of the taste test:
I started by giving Jack and Harper bites of the banana on their tray, but not giving up the whole banana itself. Jack was very persistent that he be allowed to hold the fruit himself, so I gave him the banana (peel and all) and let him decide what he thought. Jack took a bite, chewed a little bit and then broke out into a huge smile; that kid finished the whole banana- what a little monkey!

Harper took three bites. The first one she took from her tray and made a horrible face, then she saw that Jack was holding the banana and taking bites himself, so she had to try that. The first bite she took, she seemed like it was okay; the second bite went into her mouth and popped right back out. Verdict- Harper still does not like bananas. 

The kids also went shopping this week in their new stroller seats. If you'll recall, we got new car seats last week, and in doing so, we eliminate the ability to just pop their infant carseats into the stroller and go. Here is what the new set-up looked like as we were walking into Target; I thought the kids would love being able to look at each other while she shopped!

This is what the arrangement looked like on the way out of Target.

Jack and Harper kept kicking each other when they were facing each other, so I turned Harper to face away from Jack and then Jack kicked her in the back, so I had to turn Jack to face me, thus resulting in our end product- lesson learned.

On Tuesday the kids had a play day with their friend Madeline. Jack and Harper had a great time and I was impressed that they kids got along so well- very little drama, thank goodness!  Madeline has a slide that Harper was enthralled with- she spent 80% of her time there sliding. Jack also liked sliding, but he was just as happy playing with the other new toys available to him, and climbing on the picnic table (ugh). We will have to have another play date soon!

Today we played outside before it got too terribly hot and ran some errands. The kids have an outdoor bowling set and I tried to show them how to bowl; Harper had more fun kicking the pins over, and carrying the ball around while Jack  used the pins as drumsticks. 
The kids have also been helping me with some chores this week. Harper was nice enough to brush Abby, and Abby was nice enough to tolerate said brushing. 

The kids have also been helping me to do laundry. Jack likes to put things into the washer, and Harper likes to unload the dryer and put the clothes in the basket. While I was folding laundry, Harper came over and picked up one of Tony's shirts and said "Dada!" She then insisted that I put the shirt on her and said her best "pleasssssseeee" So, I put Tony's shirt on Harper, and then Jack came over with Tony's shirt and wanted in on the act. The kids wandered around in Tony's clothes for quiet awhile- Harper even smelled his shirt and laid down; they love their daddy.

After all their hard work this week, they needed a bath. So, here are a couple of pics of these two cute kiddos playing in the tub- I love this part of the day. We are so thankful to have these little ones- what was our life like without them?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet Summer Time

I missed my mid-week post, so this will encompass the later part of our week and our weekend. It's amazing to me that during the week, when I work all day and come home to the little ones, I still make time to do the blog, but when I'm home all day, I can't seem to get the blog done- maybe I just have a summer mentality.
This week the kids and I tried to keep ourselves busy with some outings.  On Tuesday, we met my friend, Judith, to do some back to school shopping. I haven't really bought myself any clothes in a couple of years and I have been in need of some wardrobe updating. I was thankful Judith volunteered to come along to help me pick out items, and to help me wrangle the kiddos. She was great with them, I got some good deals, and we wore the kids out- success!
Wednesday the kids and I were home all day, so we took Abby for a nice walk, played dress up with my shoes- Harper loves shoes- and then did a few projects around the house. One thing I had been wanting to tackle was cleaning up the "new to you" BOB that had been sitting in our garage. So, I grabbed a bucket of soapy water and a rag and scrubbed while the kids played. As I was finishing up, Harper noticed the bubbles in the bucket and was very curious; Jack came over to investigate and soon they were giggling and splashing in the water- I was so thankful to be able to witness that moment. Also, a big shout out to the Sandbergs for giving us the BOB- thank you!

On Thursday, the kids and I packed up and headed to Arlington. I got a much needed haircut, but the best part of the day was getting to see Granny on her 88th birthday.  Jack, Harper, Pop, and I took Granny out to lunch at El Fenix. The kids did okay with their lunch; they weren't much interested in the quesadillas that I ordered them, but Harper chowed down on tortillas and butter and Jack kept Pop busy feeding him rice and beans. After lunch Granny and my dad were nice enough to watch the kids so I could get my haircut; I know the kids enjoyed playing and spending time with them. Nana missed seeing the kids because she was out of town, but that didn't stop Jack from wandering around her bedroom looking for her yelling, "Nana!"
I wish I had gotten a picture of Granny with the kids on her birthday, but there were too many moving parts with our lunch and I forgot. So, here's a picture of the kids with Granny on her birthday last year, and a picture of Granny with my dad and Aunt Becky at her birthday dinner. 

The kids also got a chance to try out their new carseats when we went to Arlington. This is a big step for us because we can no longer cart the kids inside places in their car seats; this means a whole new dimension of twin management for us. It is difficult to get one kiddo to stand still and wait as we put the other kiddo in their car seat; I am even more thankful for having a minivan so the kids can roam around inside while they wait and I don't have to worry about them running out into traffic. Here's a shot of their new seats on the way to lunch (I got to ride in the third row- it's a tight fit sneaking into the back with both carseats in).
On Friday the kids and I took a trip to Tony's office to visit him at work. Jack was so excited when Tony came out of his building to get us, and Jack ran to him- it was a very sweet picture. The women in Tony's office gathered around to see the kids while Jack ran up and down the halls, and Harper clung to Tony's hand and played shy- I think she's going to be our more reserved girl, at least in public.
Jack was quick to try out everything in Tony's office; he liked playing on the computer, and looking at maps Tony made, but he really liked Tony's magnetic wall.  
Harper also liked typing on the computer and modeling Tony's old hard hat from his previous company- anything as long as she had her daddy's attention.
The weather was overcast this weekend- a nice break from the heat. On a whim, Tony and I loaded up the kiddos in the wagon and pulled them down to the little playground in our neighborhood. They were thrilled to have the place to themselves and loved exploring. Harper was brave climbing all over the place and going down all three slides- even sliding down on her tummy sometimes. Jack was a little more cautious, but once he saw sister was okay, he started sliding as well, however, his favorite activity was picking up the wood chips and putting them on the slide, or throwing them on the ground. I am so glad that we decided to go to the park; it was an afternoon of sweet memories.  

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, here are some pictures of the kids enjoying some Braum's this weekend. They loved it and a woman even stopped to say that she thought Jack should be in a Braum's commercial because she'd never seen a kid so happy to eat ice cream before- what a hoot!