Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I am sitting down to write the post on a day that forever changed my life. On this day, Feb 23rd, 3 years ago, Jack came home. I vividly remember rooming in with Jack and while Tony and tossed and turned on that little couch bed, Jack slept soundly in his bassinet. I didn't know if Tony and I would be able to manage our little man at home, but he came home and started growing and thriving and he hasn't looked back since. Happy homecoming my little Jack-man! I love you!

On to other news...old news, but still news. The Frisco Colletts have been doing all sorts of things since the beginning of the year, and I thought I would update everyone on our January comings and goings.

We started the first week of 2016 with two sick toddlers...that didn't change much though the month of January. Jack battle bronchiolitis and Harper had a double ear infection and pneumonia. Between the coughing, nose wiping, breathing treatments, humidifier cycles, and endless doses of sticky sweet medicine, our house looked like an infirmary as we welcomed in 2016.

We were lucky enough to share a New Year's Eve dinner with some good friends, our "fam" before Harper and Jack got sick. The kids ate dinner and cupcakes and had a little slumber party with their friends. The adults were amazed that despite laying down and watching a movie, the girls ended up making it to midnight. After some quick "Happy New Year" hugs, we whisked the kids home and off to bed.

My big news for January was a trip to Walt Disney World and a challenge I never thought I would see myself completing. My wonderful sister-in-law, Jennifer, and I ran the Walt Disney World marathon- 26.2 miles. I had fun, I astounded myself with my determination, and I finished. After the race (and an ice bath), Tony and I got to spend some time with the Colletts in Florida theme park hoping and enjoying each other's company.

While Harper and Jack did not go to Disney World, they did enjoy the gifts we brought them :)

We rounded out the remainder of our January with some much needed haircuts, some visits to see Pop (who is doing very well) and we finally- woo hoo!- got well.

We got to visit Pop with Wyatt, Sloane, Aunt Kiki and Great Granny:

The next visit we got to play in Pop's wheelchair:

I got brave one afternoon and took the kids by myself to visit Pop. I was impressed with the kids and we hung out with Pop for about an hour- just the 4 of us, until Nana got there. Then we went outside to see the turtles in the courtyard.

Jack was so worn out after our visit, he crashed on the way home

Poor Harper had to take two shots a day for three days to finally get rid of that stubborn ear infection, but thank goodness that is behind us. I can't tell you how frustrated we were with the sickness running rampant and how excited we were when the last fever broke, the last cough stopped, and the kids both started sleeping through the night again.

So, that was our January- next post will catch up to present day and all the adventures we've been on- and here's to many more adventuresome days to come- check out a few extra pictures of January.
Going through hand-me-downs

A boy and his dog

Look who we found!

Dancing in the kitchen with Mom

First run post marathon with the crew- 4.5 miles and I got to be serenaded by two sweet voices.
Our first full month with three year olds has been wonderful- we love you, Harper and Jack!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Three Year Olds

To say that I'm a little behind on this blog is quite the understatement and I promise I will get to the things we did in January, but first I have to take the time to celebrate my two little miracle babies turning 3 years old.

Three years old- wow!

I am speechless when I look at Harper and Jack and think about all they've overcome in such a short amount of time. We still have some weight to gain (Harper), but the kids got an A+ at their 3 year old well-check and I wanted to take this opportunity to give some updates on these growing little monkeys.

Height- 37.5 inches (36%)
Weight- 29.8 lbs (63%)

Favorite Color- Orange
Favorite Toy- Mickey Mouse
Favorite Book- Goodnight, Darth Vader
Favorite Food- French Toast Sticks
Favorite Stuffed Animal- Petter Rabbit 
Favorite Song- the Notre Dame Fight Song
Favorite TV Show- Lion Guard/ Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Thing to Do-Play with Peter; Sword Fight

Height- 35 inches (16 %)
Weight- 22.6 lbs (<3 p="">
Favorite Color- Yellow
Favorite Toy- Little People "All of them"
Favorite Book- Knuffle Bunny
Favorite Food- Macaroni and cheese
Favorite Stuffed Animal- Panda
Favorite Song- "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
Favorite TV Show- Doc McStuffins
Favorite Thing to Do- Play/ Color with markers

I am overjoyed that these two little ones are doing so well, playing so hard, laughing so loud, and making our lives so hectic, exhausting, joyous, and incredible.

Here's to you, Jack and Harper, my big three year olds, and all the adventures yet to come! Momma and Daddy love you very much!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A December to Remember

Hello? Is there anyone out there? Does anyone still read this blog? I have so neglected this little part of my world and now I'm circling back to make amends for my abandonment.

So, I titled this blog "A December to Remember", but we're going to be remembering this December for a variety of reasons- I'll start with the reasons that make my heart heavy first.

On Sunday, December 20th, my dad had a stroke. The stroke has taken the man that I've known for 33 years and transformed him. There are many daily struggles he faces, many things we've always taken for granted that he's now trying to figure out- like eating with the "wrong" hand and walking and reading a newspaper. The doctors say he's a great candidate for therapy and Dad has been working hard; we've seen him improve and make great strides.

In the midst of our upheaval surrounding my dad, our family was dealt another blow. My grandmother, my Mom's mom, suffered a massive stroke on Christmas Eve and went home to be with the Lord on Christmas day. My family was shocked and grief stricken and my mother- I still don't know how my mother held herself together. We traveled to Oklahoma to celebrate my Mama Reba's life. Her house was full of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and amid the tears their was lots of laughter- I know that she would've enjoyed the laughter.  I feel so blessed that my children got to know her and she got to know them, and I know that Mama Reba loved Harper and Jack. The last time we saw her (I wish I had taken more pictures), she thanked me for sharing my children with her. I am thankful my children will have pictures and precious memories of a wonderful  woman who taught me so much about how to live a graceful life.

To say that December was an emotional roller coaster would be an extreme understatement. I don't know how we made it through the last month, but somehow we did. Our month wasn't all sorrow filled; we had plenty of reasons to smile and things to celebrate- let me give you a run down of things that we're thankful for that have kept us hopeful...

1. We are thankful for movies. Harper and Jack got to go see their first movie in December- The Peanuts Movie.  Before the movie even started, Harper was asking to go home and Jack was covering his ears- the previews were very loud, but once the movie started, they settled down. Harper moved from lap to lap snuggling and giggling at the movie. Jack moved from lap to lap consuming candy and popcorn and belly laughing at Snoopy. A good time was had by all :)

2. We are thankful for warm days in December and parks to play and run. We took advantage of some outside time to go for walks, and play at the park down the street. These two had Tony and I laughing- I can't get enough of them playing together. We also got to take the kids to the "big" park right after Christmas and we got to explore the whole thing- not just the toddler area. The kids had a great time going down the great big slides and swinging on the swings.

3. We are thankful for all the Christmas events we participated in this year which included a night out with friends in our city to look at the Christmas lights around the square. Jack and Harper were especially excited about the "light saber swords" Tony bought them. Harper and Jack rounded out the night with their first Starbuck's hot chocolates- yum! We also went to Sundance Square for my Aunt Becky's birthday and the kids had a great time walking around looking at decorations and people watching.

4. We are thankful for silly moments in the midst of grief. The antlers were a hit with Harper (we couldn't get them off of her) and I got to show off some of my cooking skills on Christmas Eve (I also almost slipped and fell in those silly heels).  After Christmas we had a tornado that hit a nearby city and our tornado sirens went off. Harper put together an outfit she though was appropriate for the weather. Jack and I also took a funny snapshot one night as he was getting out of the tub- little silly man.

5. We are thankful for lazy days and pajamas and vegging out in front of the tv- we had plenty of those moments when the kids got sick (with strep throat and non-stop coughing). The illnesses forced us to slow down a little bit and forced all of us to take some time to get much needed rest.

6. We are thankful for Christmas morning and the little voices that filled our house with glee- the little voices who didn't know to be sad, so they kept us happy and laughing. It was so fun to see the kids come running out of their room; they had no idea what to do- Harper even stood there looking at the gifts with her mouth hanging open. Jack, however, jumped right in and soon both kids were looking at the gifts Santa brought them (a t-shirt for Jack and Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and a stuffed owl for Harper and a Disney princess castle). The kids were also quick to catch on to the whole "unwrapping gifts" thing and soon our house looked like a toy store.

7. We are thankful for family. Papa came up for Christmas and was such a big help. Prayers poured in from family members and everyone stepped up to help with Dad, travel to Oklahoma, and offer support. Family also kept us laughing, kept our chins up, and kept us moving forward.

8. We are thankful for our spotted dog, Abby. She has been such a good go with the flow dog, and she's gotten me out of the house for walks and runs- life wouldn't be the same without her.

So, that was our December- more or less. 2015 had some great moments; it certainly brought us so many things to be thankful for and to celebrate, but 2015 did not end well for us, and we are ready to see what 2016 has in store. Up next...3 year olds! Stay tuned for a birthday post (of sorts) and updates on the twins.
Sword Fight!!