Sunday, September 14, 2014

Picture Post

Please forgive the picture post; Tony and I both competed in a Crossfit competition this weekend at our gym, Black Iron Crossfit, and we are wiped out. We did three workouts on Saturday in about 3 hours and we are still recovering. Tony did great and "didn't die" (which was his goal); my teammate and I exceeded my expectations and came in first place- we won the whole thing! I was pretty proud of myself and my partner, Joe. In celebration of our competition, Tony and I slept for 9 hours last night and I am looking forward to getting a solid 7 hours tonight.

Enjoy the pictures from the weekend!
Playing Together
Jack saying "calf" and pointing to his new discovery

Headband Harper
Playing with Abby

Harper playing trucks
Giving Abby a back scratch

Abby and her boys
Daddy and his kids

Sweet Harper Girl
Breakfast at the table

Dinner with friends
The girls hanging out

Harper trying out her old swing
Watching Daddy cook 

Making a tower
Knocking down the tower

Cookie break

Sibling love 

The best part about going to Costco

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We're Back!

After a week long hiatus, the blog is back! Tony and I had a hectic, and short, work week last week before jet setting to California to help some friends celebrate their wedding day.

We made a long weekend of it and got into Reno late on Thursday night, rented a car, and then proceeded to take the scariest route of all around winding mountain roads filled with switchbacks, narrow passages, no lights, and very steep drop offs (some with no guardrail) to arrive in beautiful Lake Tahoe about midnight. We quickly went to bed to rest up for our adventure.

We spent most of the weekend doing "wedding things" like Happy Hours, dinners, rehearsals and such, but we did get to see Lake Tahoe, complete with beach made from the roughest sand/rock mixture I've ever walked barefoot on, and we even waded into the frigid water to dunk our toes.

Tony and I also adventured to the top of the ski resort, Heavenly, to take in the views on the mountain. We rode the gondola up and then switched to an open chair lift to hike around the top of the mountain. We got to see the slopes (Tony still can't believe people pay to go careening down a hill covered in rocks and trees with sticks strapped to their feet), and even had a close encounter with some wildlife- a very friendly little chipmunk.

The wedding was a beautiful end to a fun weekend. Tony was a groomsman and he did a great job navigating his bridesmaid down the treacherous cobble stone walkway on the way up the aisle. The wedding and reception were both outside, the weather was gorgeous, and they had a smores bar. What a great way to say "farewell" to Lake Tahoe.

We got home last night, and Tony and I were both ready to see the kids and Abby and sleep in our own bed. My parents were nice enough to keep the kids for us while we were gone, and the kids had a great time with them. In fact, they were still asking for Nana and Pop when I got home from work.

Here are some pictures of the things that the kids did while we were gone. In addition to spending time "cooking"at the library, playing in the backyard, and reading books, Nana and Pop also took the kids to get ice cream one afternoon, and Pop has been giving Jack some golf lessons.

I think that Nana and Pop were probably ready for some rest and relaxation when they left our house last night, and I know the kids slept good- they were tuckered out. Thank you, Nana and Pop, for taking such wonderful care of the kids!

Tony and I did manage to do a little shopping while we were in Lake Tahoe and we found two stuffed bears that we really liked. The sales woman told us that these particular bears were the subject of a book about two bears from Lake Tahoe trying to find a new home. You know I jumped on the purchase the moment I heard there was a book involved. Here's a shot of Harper showing off her new bear...and Jack's bear too.

It's good to be back home, but now we have to hit the ground running, catch up on things at the office/school, spend extra time loving on the kiddos, and hang on until Friday. Here's hoping we all have a great week!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

20 Months Old

Two years ago at this time, I was still trying to adjust to the fact that I was pregnant...with twins, a year ago at this time, we had two babies who were rolling and crawling, but hadn't taken any steps yet. Now, we have two kids that are just four short months shy of being two years old...amazing.

Here are some of the things that Harper and Jack are into at the moment:

-Loves playing patty cake and will mimic playing patty cake with her dolls
-Has started talking quite a bit more this month- language is really taking off
-Shakes head "yes" and "no" in response to a variety of questions
-Is starting to tell us when she needs her diaper changed
-She like to stack blocks and make towers- especially the Duplo blocks
-Has one molar all the way through and is working on another
-She loves to read books and will sometimes meet Tony at the door with a book in hand when she comes home.
-Enjoys doing art work with Durinda, she was especially fond of finger painting and reenacted how she did her finger painting for me; she laughed and laughed!

-Learned his first color- purple
-Talks about all sorts of things on repeat
-Has started saying the word "nope"; for instance, we asked him if he needed a diaper change to which he replied "nope" and kept playing :)
-Is working on a new lower tooth, thus bringing his overall tooth count to seven
-Loves reading books like his sister and will spend long stretches sitting on the floor reading to himself
-He loves to play outside and dig in the dirt; this boy always has dirt under his fingernails and mud in his shoes
-He always wakes up before Harper in the morning and lays in his bed talking to his sheets with animals and letters on them; he's a little morning person already
-Likes coloring and drawing with crayons and is getting pretty good at drawing lines

 Here are some pictures of our weekend fun:

Friday afternoon started with some down time for me after work and cuddling with my Harper girl- it was an exhausting first week back.
A few eating antics from Harper and the kids first taste of chocolate almond milk- I think Jack liked it :)

We went to breakfast with the Sterlings and got a picture of the Sterling/Collett kids together. I have a feeling that these kids will be good friends.

This afternoon I cleaned out Harper and Jack's closet and found a cow costume that Aunt J sent in the bag of clothes for Jack. Harper was a good sport and tried on the costume; she looked so adorable :)

 After the cow costume was put away, the kids opted to play blocks in their closet until nap time; I love to see them play together.

We went out for some gluten-free treats after nap time and the kiddos got to try their go at "real" chairs (because there was only 1 high chair in the whole joint). Here's a bird's eye view of our table (sort of). They did good in the chairs and didn't try to get up; I think the yummy cookie helped keep them at the table.

Happy 20 months Jack and Harper- I don't know where the last 20 months have gone, but I can't wait to see what the next 20 months have in store. We love you very much!!