Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend Part 2

As promised, here are the Easter weekend "official" pictures that include the visit from the Easter bunny, church clothes pictures, and our Easter egg hunt.

We spent the weekend at Nana and Pop's house, so we were with the Simpsons and Sandbergs. The kids had a great time running all over the place, trying new things, and following their cousins around. Sloane and Wyatt were great with Harper and Jack- it's so neat to see the four of them interact. I hope that my sister's kids are as tolerable of my little ones as they get older.

The first thing on our agenda was an early morning visit from the Easter bunny. Harper and Jack weren't too sure what to think about their Easter baskets, but they were quick to check out their loot when I started to unpack their baskets. Jack was pretty excited about his new book, and Harper was thrilled with the Curious George doll.

After breakfast, we got dressed and headed to church. Tony and I checked the kiddos into the nursery and went in to enjoy the Easter service and all was well until the last 10 minutes of the service. An usher came over and told Tony and I were needed in the nursery; we arrived to find Harper in full meltdown mode- she was crying so hard she was gasping for air. We then spent the next 25 minutes trying to calm her down while we waited for the service to end and the Sunday morning socializing to be done so we could head home. Harper, apparently, does not do well when we try to skip her nap and leave her alone in a strange place- lesson learned.

Lucky for us, the kids both took a good nap at Mom and Dad's and woke up ready for family pictures and lunch:

After lunch, we all gathered outside for an Easter egg hunt. I loved hunting Easter eggs with my sister and my brother in my Granny and Paw-Paw's backyard; the eggs were always filled with candy or loose change, and there seemed to be so many eggs!  As an adult, this hunt has changed a little bit: my sister and I were charged with hiding eggs and watching our kiddos search the backyard. I was so proud of Jack and Harper because, despite being at a huge deficit, both of the kids found an egg. They were legit finds too- Kerry's kids took off to the back of the yard, and my little ones made a beeline for the lowest and closest eggs they could find :)

After the egg hunt, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing whiffle ball, chatting, watching babies and kids run through the house, eating angel food cake and banana pudding, and enjoying our time together.

I sat in my parents' kitchen trying to remember last Easter, and thinking that we are so blessed and so lucky to have come so far. Here's a shot from last year to help you remember what Harper and Jack looked like then. Enjoy!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Part 1

We had such a busy weekend and we have so many pictures of the kiddos that I decided to break the Easter weekend post into two installments.

We started out our weekend with a much needed day off for both me and Tony. The kids slept in a little bit and we ran some errands and generally spent the day relaxing. It was so nice to get to see the kids in the morning and not have to rush out the door, but Tony and I were ready for bed time by the time 7pm rolled around. I don't know how Durinda keeps up with those little ones- they are into everything!

We were lucky that the kids decided to take a mid morning break to read some books; I caught a very sweet picture of Tony and the kids.

We also got to play outside; Durinda got the kids some bubbles for Easter, and they played with bubbles Thursday afternoon. Durinda said the kids had a blast, and Friday morning Jack talked about bubbles and pointed to the window over and over, so we decided to let them get out in the yard and play with bubbles in the afternoon. Harper and Jack were both so good not only playing with the bubbles, but navigating the backyard as well. Here are some sweet shots we took of them playing.

The next post will have all of our Easter pictures: Easter bunny visit, nice church clothes pictures, Easter egg hunt, etc. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Beautiful Mess

Our house has been taken over- held hostage really- by bandits. These bandits run amok, pillage, steal, leave the loot they determine to be worthless, but make off with anything they find valuable. They are stealthy and work together to achieve their goals, but they are also short sided and have a minimal attention span, often jumping from one grab to another. I was told that these bandits would be coming, they were projected on the horizon, but we were in denial. Tony and I weren't prepared for the full impact of these little looters and this weekend will be devoted, in part, to "vandal proofing" the house.

Monday was a rough day because our schedule was off- it rained- the kids and I couldn't get out to go for a walk and chaos ensued. Jack fell down the stairs (just two) and landed on the hardwood floor (luckily, the diaper bag helped to break his fall), Harper charged Abby while carrying a plastic spoon and plate over her head, this scared Abby and she started barking at Harper, which scared Harper and she started crying. This all happened within moments of each other- literally- I was checking Jack out after his fall when I heard Abby barking- it was stressful, frustrating, and comical all at once. I know that these days will soon outnumber the days where we sit in the living room and read books and play for an hour.

Luckily for Tony, by the time he got home from the gym, the kids were much calmer and had dinner. How can you not love these two little ones- even if they are crazy, curious, destructive explorers?